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Busy weekend so far

I could use a nap.

Late this morning, I was on the road most of the time, heading to the aforementioned store in Durham to get some decent hiking boots. I could have ordered those online, but didn't know the exact size and width I would need. In a couple cases I'd heard that shoe size didn't exactly match boot size, but I was glad to see that in my case it did. I also now know what width I need. If I ever need to get a new pair, I'll have a lot easier time of it.

Most of this afternoon was spent either coming back from Durham, or outside taking steps to tame the jungle that surrounds my home. Some things that I wanted to stay around were trimmed. What I could pull, I pulled. What I couldn't pull, I sprayed. The spray takes a few weeks for the effects to be complete, so the place should be looking a lot better late next month... just in time to get some use out of the patio. I would hit the pool, now that it's open, but I'm feeling a little tired for that. Instead, the plan is to do the shower thing in a few minutes.
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