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So far, so good

I just arrived in New Mexico yesterday, after around 8 hours of being either in the air or moving through airports to get to the next flight. I can say that, so far, it's definitely been worth it coming out here again.

The boys knew I was coming for a few months now. Dad told me that they were looking forward to my arrival, and they showed it when I got here! As for my baby sister (3 in Nov.), I don't know if she knows who I am yet in relation to her, but she does know my name now and we're spending some time together. That's one of the main reasons I came out here this summer :-)

We're looking at the possibility of some geocaching this weekend, so I need to go ahead and load some maps into my Rino, get a location, and see what's really nearby. I already know of 2 that we can try, but I haven't yet seen how close they are to the house.


One thing I did end up trying yesterday was the T-Mobile HotSpot in the Dallas / Ft. Worth airport. It was kind of disappointing at first to find that it wasn't free (shouldn't it be? :-), but the fact that they have a "pay as you go" plan softens the blow. It's not bad to pay $6 for up to an hour of time to check email, etc. when you're only going to do it every once in a while. The speed wasn't bad, either.
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