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A while ago, I had bought 4 travel bug tags, and put one to use earlier this year. Now, I've got 2 others ready to go as part of what I'm calling The Great TB Chase, a possibly worldwide cat-and-mouse game between those two travel bugs. I still need to dress up that page a bit, and put up photos of the bugs themselves, but otherwise it's ready to go.

I'm wanting to put some distance between them to start, so lilbluebus was kind enough to take one of them to Indiana with her when she comes back down here in the next month or so. It'll certainly be nice to meet someone that I've only really known indirectly up until now.

In other news, a cousin of mine is getting married on Saturday, so I'll be heading to the Charlotte area for that (Concord, specifically). Anyone I know down there want to get together for a bite to eat? The reception's at 12:30, so there's plenty of time after.
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