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Summer recap

Some of this I've written about, and some I haven't, but here goes...

- Had a great trip to NM and CA in July, visiting family and friends in that part of the country. Also did the first sightseeing that I've ever done out of the (now) 3 times that I've been to So Cal.

- Was seeing someone for about 2 months this summer, after which it started to become clear that it wasn't going to work out. It's a shame that it had to take that long to figure that out, and I'm still trying to work out the reasons why. Oh well, back to the drawing board...

- Ordred a new car which, because of the slow start in manufacturing it, should arrive in January. That's just enough time for me to finish paying off my Explorer (2 more months of payments) and get the title to sell it to my brother, who wants it when the Escape arrives.

- Started on the road toward self-employment, which I should reach the end of in less than 3 years, I hope. Most of the delay is in building up the cash to be able to comfortably and safely pull that off. What I'm planning to do is take smittyware closer to full-time, free up some evening and weekend time I'd otherwise spend on that, and add contract work into the mix to fill it out.

The good mostly outweighs the bad, sure, but the bad is still difficult to get over sometimes. After this holiday weekend is over, I'll definitely be ready for fall.
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