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You know that fall is approaching, when the leaves start to turn and the tree above the mail station starts bombing people with acorns :-)

Not having much else to do, I spent most of the weekend working on version 4.0 of CacheMate. There were a few major additions involved, and I finally got them all done... will probably get some people to beta test them this week while I start working on what changes I need to in the bundled plugins, mostly to support things now provided by the main program. There are a few changes needed in the file converter as well, but those will be relatively easy. After all of that is done, I'll be officially releasing the thing.

This clears out the request list for the main part of CacheMate for a while, so it'll be nice to relax for a while and still keep the paying customers happy :-) It'll be nicer still when I go self-employed and can keep my software from intruding on my leisure time. Just a couple years to go, I hope...
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