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Is anyone in the area planning to go to Zone Fest in a couple of weeks? I've been thinking about it, myself, but don't exactly relish the idea of hanging out there for up to 8 hours by myself just to see the two or three of the 10 bands/artists that are going to be there that I like well enough to pay to see. In fact, one of those I've already paid to see, a couple of years ago.


In other news, I finished and released CacheMate 4.0 this weekend (the latter of which was not made easy earlier today by Road Runner's shitty excuse for a network), so my weekend work is done for a while. I can't wait until that becomes part of my daytime work, and can leave the otherwise free weekends for other things.

I would actually be up at my day job now, as a user conference there started today, but I managed to get out of joining in for the first day of it. I'll be part of that tomorrow, but that's it... already excused from the last day of it on Tuesday as well. Another good part about Tues., though, is the fact that all of management will be at the conference, while I'll be one of the few at the office... *grin*
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