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So far, this week has been pretty good to me...

- Released CacheMate 4.0 on Sunday, and had very few problems from that point... yesterday, fixed all of the problems that came up and released 4.0.1. No complaints yet :-)

- A cache of mine, which I thought was lost, has been resurrected.

- Called the Ford dealership yesterday that I'm buying the hybrid through and, when the time comes, they said that it shouldn't be a problem to do the paperwork for that and for me to sell the Explorer to my brother at the same time. That'll make it much more streamlined as far as all of that goes. I only have 2 months of payments left to go, so I should have the title for what I'm selling by then.

- Bought the ticket I need for Zonefest next weekend.

Eh... that's pretty much it so far. Here's hoping things continue this way.
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