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Somewhere in this office suite, there is a horny cricket...

He's been searching for a date for at least the last few weeks with no luck at all, apparently. He's not in my cube, but aside from that I have no idea where he is. Sounds like my own life at the moment... oh well :-)

I'm still looking forward to ZoneFest, especially since the weather seems to be catering to it. Of course, I'm sitting here knocking on wood as I say that.

I'm also in the middle of a project to upgrade and practically refurbish my laptop. Not too long ago, I upgraded the memory to half a gig (from 128MB). This time, I'm tripling the size of the hard drive. Of course, that one's not so easy... it means nights of getting things copied over, reinstalled, and everything back in place as it was before. I realize that, in other cases, I could do a backup and restore or copy the drive (the latest version of Ghost allows that, at least), but part of what I was doing was taking a 2GB C drive and 8GB D drive, and making a 30GB C drive out of it all. Some things were bound to be confused if I just copied everything.

That covers the upgrades, but I'm also ordering a new keyboard and DVD drive for it. The DVD drive I have now will refuse half of the DVDs I throw at it for some reason, and driver/Windows reinstalls have proven to not do a bloody thing about it. As for the keyboard, it's just starting to show its age... some key labels fading and some others becoming unreliable. eliz calls this a "Geek badge of honor" so, instead of tossing the old one, I may frame it :-)

Last, but not least, I'm debating putting an LJ client on my work machine... why did they have to make this form so friggin' wide??
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