Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

Reading suggestions?

I tend to keep an e-book or two loaded in my PDA for those times when I get an odd chance to read, but don't have a book with me... it's hard to keep a book clipped to my belt :-) I just finished Bag of Bones, and now I'm looking for another to load in its place. For those that know what I like to read... any ideas?

I'd prefer that it not be one that I have in print. Since it's not likely that anyone knows what all I have in my collection, I can filter those out as they come.

At the moment, I'm thinking of Prey, by Michael Crichton. A co-worker of mine recommended it, and I was supposed to get a print copy of it for my last birthday, but the friend that was going to give it never sent it... the slacker :-)
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