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Change of plans

Well, for one, I ended up not going to the concert today. There were two reasons for that:

- Didn't want to take the chance of rain that was being called for. When I got back into town to overcast skies and rain shortly after, I'm thinking that idea wasn't entirely wrong.

- Had to get to Cary for a bit this weekend... was going to do that tomorrow, but I thought I'd get it done today and relax a bit tomorrow.

Now, for why I don't feel the least bit sorry about it...

- At less than $10 (roughly $1/band) I'm not feeling any kind of loss over the price of the ticket.

- The one band that I really wanted to see and haven't yet (Better Than Ezra) is going to be at Ziggy's later this month... I can catch them then.

I just realized how bad off this keyboard is... had to hit a number of keys twice to get them to register when typing this entry. Before some of you ask, I did just recently clean it. I'm glad I ordered that new keyboard along with the DVD drive, and I'm glad they're both getting here as quickly as they are.
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