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The show tonight was excellent... what I saw of it, rather. Things started almost an hour late, so I ended up leaving before it was over due to getting tired. It was great to finally see Better Than Ezra, though, after missing them at Zonefest. I also found out that there are several songs that I've heard before that I didn't realize was them... looking forward to the greatest hits CD in December. The local band that opened for them, MG4, was also very good. I wasn't familiar with that band before tonight, but all of the members actually came from an old favorite... Athenaeum.

One thing that wasn't expected was seeing the crew behind a local station's new morning show there at the show. I actually met Neil... would have liked to have met AJ as well but, by the time I knew for sure that it was them, the chance was gone.

Now to get some sleep...
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