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Mixed-up meanings

I tried making a call this afternoon, and found myself hearing a recorded message... their machine must have called and I picked up at just the right time not to hear a ring. Anyway, the message asked twice for me to call some toll-free number for some unmentioned reason. The ironic part was at the end, with the statement "this is not a solicitation."

Obviously, these guys are a little confused on the meaning of that word. They were soliciting for my time, therefore it was a solicitation.


In other news, I saw this in a newsgroup today, and it's soon to be added to my list of email signature quotes...

People are more violently opposed to fur than to leather because it's safer to harass rich women than motorcycle gangs.

Priceless, and definitely true :-)


Last, but not least, guess who was voted for the year's top film villain. Dr. Octopus? Nope. Leatherface? Nope. Elle Driver? Nope. Try Dubya.
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