Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

The first batch

Compared to others I know that are doing this, I can be a man of few words. Either way, here goes...

another_chapter is one of the few wild-haired Floridians (not that I know there are that many) that I've been lucky to get to know, at least in a sense. I'm not really even sure how we met... I believe she stumbled across a post of mine at some point, and we started talking from that point.

She's a beautiful woman and an excellent friend who, for one thing, managed to get me to write more entries that are more fitting for a true journal... much against my nature before then ;-)

It's been over 2 weeks now... still smoke-free, Colette?


rakoth is, so far, the only Irish online friend of mine that I've met in person (I've been meaning to meet up with Stephen, but haven't managed that one yet). He's a good friend, a decent bowler (if I recall) and an excellent photographer.


eliz I've known for a while as well. We originally met on a geek dating site (one connected with UF, if I recall) and went out once. I'm not sure what happened after that point, but we fell out of touch for a while. After I got started on my own LJ addiction, I tripped across hers while searching for other NC friends of mine, and have been in touch ever since.

She's a great friend. As for how big a geek we both are, I'm not sure who would be the winner there... I think she's somewhere ahead of me, though :-)


boomtownrat is one of the several reasons why my friends list is as large as it is. Soon after finding a couple of old college friends on here, I decided to start following their friends lists to see who else I might find. She was one of those.

I originally met her and several others in college, mostly through common interests in MUDs and online chat, and grew a friendship by the time that we were out of school. She's one of the ones I'm lucky enough to still see on occasion at dlostboy's parties, unlike some of the others that I rarely or never see anymore. Still, twice a year isn't nearly enough to really keep in touch, so that's where a place like this helps.

She was interesting back then, but is even moreso now that we've both grown up a bit. Her almost obsessive interest in music (definitely more of a fan of the 80s than I am, which is cool) and politics make for a very interesting read. Another very good friend to have... someone I consider myself lucky to know.
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