Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

Lyrics quiz answers

Since no one seems to be able to get most of the songs in this quiz, here are the answers...

1. Wbua Zryyrapnzc - Ybaryl By' Avtug
2. Objyvat sbe Fbhc - Avargrra Rvtugl Svir
3. Perrq - Uvqr
4. Tniva Ebffqnyr - Nqeranyvar
5. Shry - Fpne
6. Gur Pbeef - Oernguyrff
7. Urneg - Arire
8. Yvzc Ovmxvg - Zl Jnl be Gur Uvtujnl
9. Erq Ubg Puvyv Crccref - Bgurefvqr
10. Ab Qbhog - Url Onol
11. Fgnvaq - Cerffher
12. Ebo Mbzovr - Yvivat Qrnq Tvey
13. Pbjobl Zbhgu - Wraal Fnlf
14. Gur Pelfgny Zrgubq - Pbzva' Onpx
15. Oynpx Pebjrf - Gjvpr Nf Uneq
16. Pncgnva Ubyyljbbq Cebwrpg - Zber Naq Zber
17. Vaphohf - Qevir
18. Qrs Yrccneq - Gjb Fgrcf Oruvaq
19. Cng Orangne - Vaivapvoyr
20. Qvqb - Gunax Lbh

If it's not already obvious, I've obfuscated the answers a bit for those that want to take their time figuring things out :-) They can be decoded at One of the titles was spelled out (unlike it is normally) so that the encoding would actually work with it... it should be obvious which that is.
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