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Why me?

Can't this be just a normal, quiet holiday week with one more work day to go in the year before some well-deserved rest? Apparently not...

This afternoon, I was driving along, minding my own business when someone decides they're going to take my place in the lane I'm in without asking me first. I saw them coming and was very lucky... I could almost get out of the way. Ended up with some minor paint and plastic damage along the right side, a wonky steering wheel and, aside from some rattled nerves, a pretty healthy and unharmed self. No one in the other car was hurt, either, but that car was surprisingly more beat up than my Explorer.

The ball is rolling insurance-wise, and I'll be taking the car in tomorrow morn to see if there's anything wrong with the steering besides an out-of-alignment steering wheel. Everything seems fine on the surface but I just want to be sure.

We shall see where things go from here...

[Update - 12/23 @ 11am]
Based on this first claim I've had since switching, Progressive so far is getting a great rating from me. The "who's paying for it" details still haven't been hashed out, as there's more that needs to be done there, but Progressive has already authorized enough repairs (right steering linkage and relocating that bent wheel) to make it safe to drive over the next few days of holiday travel.

The rest (new wheel and paint/plastic repair) can be done next week, after things can get hashed out, since they won't have any bearing on driveability in the meantime. They're also going to try to get an adjuster out to the shop today to take a look. It's not something that's normally done, but they seem to be making an exception because of the timing :-)

[Update - 2:30pm]
I've got my wheels back! The work was done today that was needed to make it safe to drive until the 3rd, when I take it back to replace the rim (the whole wheel didn't need to be changed) and do the body work, which will take about a week. The adjuster came out as well to do what he needed to do.

[Update - 3:30pm]
Some more good news... the other driver doesn't dispute what happened, so now Progressive is going to present all of that to their insurance company, and see if they'll pony up. All of this in 24 hours... I'm impressed :-)
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