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Two weeks in the making

[Note: I entered this last night, but apparently didn't go through since LJ still wasn't very stable. Thank goodness for Semagic keeping track of old drafts.]

Now that LJ is back up and running again, I can finally post this update...

New Year's Night
Had a great time that night near Charlotte, together with several friends around a bonfire. I'd have to say that that's the first time I've ever done that for that holiday. Bonfire for Halloween, sure, but New Year's? It was fun, though.

The Current Ride
The first Monday of the year, I took the Explorer to the body shop to take care of the rest of the repairs needed due to the accident, expecting it to take all of that week. Yesterday, I got it back again. The reason it took that long was mostly because of some extra damage that was found once they started working on it, and having to get the adjuster to look at it before continuing. That's all taken care of now, though. For a rental, I ended up getting a 2004 Explorer, and I'm wondering how many of the small differences between it and mine (a '96 model) will be in the one I'm getting...

The New Ride
When I picked up my Explorer yesterday, I decided to walk up to the sales office (the body shop is at the dealership) and get a status update on the new car. They looked it up, and the current dealer ETA is not this coming week, but the one after. Two weeks and it's mine! The guy did say that those estimates tend to be optimistic, so I'm going to call on Wed. to get an update and see if it's changed, but if it's later it would probably be just another week. Still, that's very soon compared to last July when I ordered it :-)
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