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Open letter to computer manufacturers

For your own future reference, please observe the following guidelines:

- When stating that a computer's memory is upgradable, and given the option of making that upgrade easy and inexpensive (no preinstalled memory becoming useless, that is), please do not opt to instead make it difficult and expensive.

- If the computer ships with a CD or DVD burner, and you send blank discs to create the recovery CDs that are normally sent with a computer, do not send crap media that is almost guaranteed not to work.

- The "System Recovery" discs are supposed to do just that, not reduce the thing to an expensive paperweight.

I'm pretty sure this list of recommendations will grow as time goes on, and I continue to set up this new machine.

For the record, this is my experience so far with trying to get a new work laptop up and running, after buying it at Worst Buy yesterday.
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