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It's heeeeere...

I got a call from the dealership, probably an hour ago, saying that my Escape had just arrived. Now, I just need to get over there tonight with the tag and all the paper items needed to transfer the registration, insurance, etc. and create more debt for myself. The lower gas costs will be nice, though, as well as the $2000 writeoff on this year's taxes :-)

It'll be too dark by then to get a picture of it today, for those interested, but I'll try to take care of that this weekend.

[Update @ 2pm]
Here's something I didn't see coming... got another call from them, the sales manager asking if I minded if they invited a local TV news crew, considering this is the first Escape Hybrid being sold in the general area. My response? Sure... why not? :-) If they do come, I'll try and find out when and what channel it's going to be on, and post that here.
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