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...and it's done :-)

I just got back from making the deal, and I'm very happy with it so far. I managed to get the monthly payment that I wanted, and currently have it sitting out in front of the house. It would be in the garage except that that's where the Explorer is staying until my brother can get up here to buy it from me.

Even during the drive to the gas station before doing all the paperwork (they're shipped with a near-empty tank, which the dealer fills later), the hybrid qualities were already showing themselves off. I'd slow down for a stop at a light, and the gas engine would shut off. I'd start going again, and it would kick back in... seamless! Pulling into the townhouse community, and the drive all the way up to my door was all electric. I'm loving this thing :-)

Here's a photo of me and the car that the dealer took. I'm glad I don't have the same kind of camera he has, whatever it is, because it takes some pretty crappy photos.

The news crew was there, and I arrived just in time for that. For those in the area, I'll be making a fool of myself on Fox 8 news at around 10 tonight. For the rest, I'm going to try and get a video capture of it.
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