Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

I need some help...

I've been working on a MUD server over the last couple of months, which I eventually plan to open source once I've got everything in it that I want in it. Here's a list of what's either in there or going in there:

- Client-agnostic telnet server (translates text with format tags into what a client supports)
- Support for MCCP, MCP, MXP, MSP and Pueblo extensions
- Object persistence, using a SQL database (MySQL for starters, with more possibilites later)
- Scripting language, covering most of the customizable stuff
- InterMUD 3 and XML-RPC communications
- Natural language parsing

I've actually got 2/3 of enough of it to make it usable (most of those first 4 things) done, and I'm about to take the couple of projects I've been keeping parts of it in into one project to continue working on it. I'd like to give it a final name at the same time, though, if possible, and that's where I need some suggestions. Keep in mind that this is the name for the server, not the MUD that I plan to create on top of it. That's a difference that a lot of people fail to realize :-)

No overly cheesy or corny ideas either, please... I've gotten some of those already.

[Update - 2/9 @ 12:20]
Thanks for all of the name suggestions so far. The only one that really interested me, though (MUDslinger) was already taken by a Windows game, which I may have to try out :-) For a tentative name, I've decided on OPWE (Object-oriented Persistent World Engine). Hey... if I'm going to use an acronym, there really isn't one that fits the description better.

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