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An interesting "what if" meme, swiped from boomtownrat...

Go to this page and scroll to the bottom... the "Top 1000 names by decade" section. Select the decade of your birth, then find your name in the list. Once you have your ranking in the list, find and list the corresponding names for the other decades as well.

It seemed like this would be interesting, considering mine seems to be such a common name... there's at least 3 people with my first and last name in this town alone. I was born in '73, and my name was #8 for that decade, so...

1900s - Frank
1910s - Edward
1920s - Richard
1930s - George (Brian first showed on the list this decade, at #324)
1940s - Thomas (Brian's at #113)
1950s - Thomas (up to #35)
1960s - Richard (up to #16)
1970s - Brian
1980s - Robert (back down to #16)
1990s - Nicholas (sliding down to #36)

I guess I got my name while the getting was good :-)
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