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For those that don't know, I changed my personal domain name just over a year ago to, named after the place because of my affinity for Arthurian legend and it being believed to be the location of Camelot. Ok, that's the background information.

Yesterday, I get this email sent through my homepage from a person who lives in Caerleon. You can imagine that this was a surprise... it definitely was for me. He must have looked all over the homepage, because he noticed that I'm also a Tolkien fan (made several LOTR references). He invited me to email him back if I wanted more info or pictures related to the place. I may just take him up on that :-)


In other news, I got my deductible back for the accident, which is definitely a reason to rejoice. I'd seen the claim closed a few days ago, and saw this coming, then the check arrived yesterday. I'll likely put it toward those taxes I'm owing.
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