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Well, my whole day's just been shot to shit. The home server, which I put so much money into making it able to resist a hard drive crash, just had 2 in the same 12 hours (the 2nd around the time that I went to get a replacement for the first), which completely hosed it. The aforementioned MUD server is completely gone, and I'm not sure when/if I'll try to start on it again at this point. It could be worse, though...

- Could still be hosting my domain from the house
- Could have had no backups of any of the software that I'm actually making money on at the moment
- Could have lost my music collection (80% or so is backed up on CD)

I'll need to rebuild it eventually, so I can do things like use the printer and scanner again, but I won't be doing that today.

If there's an up side to today, it's that I'm going out for a little while tonight. At least the entire day won't be a crappy one.
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