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Almost ready for vacation

I say almost ready, because I've not yet gotten a vacation request submitted and approved at the office. Originally, the plan was to take some time off for the weeks of July 4th and Christmas, but that only chews up half the vacation days I have. I was going to head to NY to see eldritch48 and vox_angel, but 1) by the time I can get there they may have moved already and 2) I haven't been able to get ahold of them to find a good time, anyway.

Well, I think I've got something... GeoWoodstock III, a major geocaching event in Jacksonville, FL. I'd heard things about it, but it had been brought more to my attention when I was asked to sponsor it (free copies of CacheMate, etc.). That puts me in Florida for Memorial Day weekend... a nice taste of summer in the middle of spring, for a Carolinean :-) I'm going to try to see some friends of mine down there (most of you know who you are already), as the event won't take up all of the time I'll be there, so it should make for a great vacation.

I'm planning to drive down, and this will be the 2nd time I've ever driven that far south... the first time was to Gainesville, when I was in college, to visit a friend there. I've been itching to take the hybrid on a road trip, and this should be a good one :-)

Now that I have the plan, it's time to start making it happen...
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