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Rants of the day...

Why not just call it what it is?

The Dept. of Fatherland, er, Homeland Security is going through pains not to call RFID chips what they are, in order to avoid privacy debates, etc. These are the people we pay to keep this country secure? HAH!,1848,67025,00.html

Where do I start as far as how bad this site is, from a developer's point of view...

- Several bugs in software submission/updating, with no desire to fix them
- Slowly moving up their "cut" of sales income, without notice, up to the current 50%
- Problem after problem when it comes to sending order notifications to developers

That third one is the straw that broke the back as far as I'm concerned, when it caused me to almost have to give a refund last week because someone was overly frustrated that they didn't get a registration code. The reason for that? No emails whatsoever that their order had been placed at that site.

Because of all of that, I've pulled all of my software from their site, which should take effect inside of 24 hours. I won't be hurting, though... not even 5% (3.2% in the last year) of my sales come from that site, and that percentage would still decrease every day even if I stayed with them. There's still 3 other sites (including my own) that I'm continuing to sell through.
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