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Again, why me?

To the people at United Recovery Systems, stop harassing people about problems that are none of their fucking concern.

Twice I've gotten a call from someone there, looking for a Brian A. Smith in Trinity (not far from here, for those not in the area) about some unpaid debt with Citibank, and twice I've told them that my middle initial is E and has been so for some time now (since I was born, actually). The person that answered the phone when I called this evening checked the last 4 digits of the SSN from their records with me, which were even further off. Granted, my middle initial not being in my phone listing may be confusing them, but for god's sake can't they take a hint??

Whether they're trying to scam or not, how many times must they be told that I'm not the person they're after and to leave me alone? They've already been cited and fined by the FTC at least once for unfair and abusive debt collection practices. If I get another call from those people, I'm reporting their asses to the FTC myself.
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