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More ranting


Seeing the Evil Yellow Dust (tm) on the car today when I was going to lunch brought this to mind. When the plants start having sex, I start sneezing... fact of life, but I wish it wasn't. On the bright side, at least I don't have any horrid food allergies.

Other than that, I like this time of year :-)


Over the weekend, with the PayPal store up and running for just a couple of days, I decided to look into doing things right and collect sales tax for those people in NC buying the stuff, like the eSellerate store would be doing if they were headquartered out here (instead, they've got Nebraska to collect for). PayPal is only a clearing house for payments and stuff like that, so they leave configuring sales tax up to the users.

It turns out that I can't do it, according to the rules laid down by the NC DOR. In the NC merchant registration form for those purposes, you can't use the address of the business owner, nor can you use a PO box as the address. News flash, boys and girls, but that's all I've got! If they come asking me why I'm not doing it, I'll ask them if they want to rent office space for me so I can.

An entire office suite for a single person who's never there... riiiiiiight...

[Update @ 9:39]
The ball is rolling on the state sales tax thing, since I've found out that that statement was more of a guideline and not a rule. At the rate that I get NC sales, though, I'm sure the state will appreciate their $0.56/quarter :-)
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