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Last night's Johnparty was excellent. Considering this is the last of them, there were a few never before and (unfortunately) never again parts to it... one being that inflatable castle that I was ready to start taking bets on when it would pop, just before it was taken down for the night anyway :-)

These things will certainly be missed. The good part is that I'll still see some of the friends that I usually see there, but on a not-quite-so-regular basis.

Probably the only wrinkle in the night for me was the fact that my hotel room reservation, which I typically get for something late-night down there like this, somehow slipped through the cracks. I'm still not exactly sure why that happened. They offered to get me a super-cheap room at another hotel after 20 minutes of searching for the problem but, considering what I was getting the room for anyway (a 2 hour drive back home can get tiring after a party like that), I declined. Instead, I left a little earlier than I would have, drove home and crashed here. I obviously made it back in one piece, for those that may have been concerned :-)

From now on, I'm definitely printing out the confirmation number, etc. This is the first time that this has happened at that hotel, much less the hotel chain, but if it happens again it seems that having that will speed things up a bit.

djbrian_s - Good job!

ihvpave - It was great finally meeting you.

skobo - 1) where were you and 2) Pete said hi. For some reason, that man thinks I'm a DeLisle... he was talking about my brother at first, but as far as I know he doesn't know any of my family :-)
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