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It's official! is now a successfully registered business in the state of North Carolina, collecting tax for direct sales in NC, etc. I've actually been collecting that for most of the month now, all $1.68 of it so far, and it's nice to know that I haven't been doing that in vain.

The Bluetooth headset also arrived today. As said before, I can't do much with it until the phone arrives, but in the meantime I can get it charged up and told which side is up as far as the volume buttons go (depends on which ear I wear it on).

Thus concludes the good things that have happened today.

Ever had someone apparently wanting bad enough for you to join them for something, especially when you may have something going with this person and, when the time comes, they are nowhere to be found without a word? The kind of disappointment that that generates is what I'm feeling right now...
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