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Another one bites the dust has already lost my business, due to some stupid decisions on their part. They're not the only ones now, though... the same has just happened to, for most of the same reasons. Back when I started with them, I was getting a better deal than with Handango, but lately they've fallen into the same pit of greed and made things worse with policies that were so obscure and convoluted that trying to keep up with them became impossible.

At least my 2 best sellers at the moment, CacheMate and upIRC, are currently running on their own steam. Because of that, I don't see any real loss here. If anyone is lost without PalmGear registration (what sad people they would be, in that case), they can always google the names to find my site.

Thank goodness the software industry isn't like the recording industry. If it were, I'd probably be SOL at the moment. Instead, I can cut my losses and run with what I have.

As for any correlation between the title and the song, there is none... pure coincidence :-)
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