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Several things

Random stuff

First off, I had no idea that the poll would still be so close after the number of votes received. At least, if she doesn't mind, I can use bloodkitty's vote as a tiebreaker if needed, since she voted for one but really preferred the other :-)

Now that I've finished Mostly Harmless (actually bought as part of this), I started last night on Ender's Game. It's about time, some of you are no doubt thinking... yeah, yeah, yeah :-) I have to say, though, that after only getting through the first few chapters so far, it's already got my interest.

I'm almost ready for the trip on Thursday... and I did finally get the net access squared away. I checked the hotel listing last night, and they do say now that they have wireless high-speed access. I'm still glad that I arranged the dialup account for 2 reasons, though... I've stayed at one place where that was a misprint (nope, no net access) and at another where it wasn't working while I was staying there. If it's actually there and it's working, though, then bonus! I just have to remember to bring my wireless card now, just in case...

Digital Video stuff

If you're a user of Pinnacle Studio and want to upgrade to version 9, avoid the 9.4.3 patch like the plague if you do any video capturing from analog sources. That was my situation over the last week, and the patch caused not only corrupted video frames, but also audio lagging behind video more and more as time went on. Those could be related, but who knows for sure. I was getting extremely frustrated trying to find the cause, until I took some message board advice and backed out the patch and reinstalled the version 9 CDs. After that point, the problem went away.

I also replaced my DVD burner over the weekend, not only because the old one was dying (though, that is reason enough), but also because I was wanting one with more capabilities. What I ended up getting was one that's not only much faster, but also supports dual layer burning and bitsetting. Thanks to supersprode for waking me up to that feature.
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