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The Tues. night dinner thing is off... since no one seemed game for it anyway, I guess it's just as well.

The Florida trip is going extremely well so far. Geowoodstock 3 was earlier today and was awesome! Not to mention the pre-event event last night at the La Cruise Dockside restaurant... if I ever make it down here again, I'll definitely have to head over there to eat.

The event wasn't the only reason for the trip, though... met with mesmeric_dream yesterday for lunch, and I'm looking forward to seeing gryphlet tomorrow. There are one or two others that I'm hoping to see as well (you know who you are), but if that doesn't work out the reasons why are good ones at least :-)

Off to bed soon, though... while the event was a lot of fun, it was definitely exhausting, and there's the drive to WPB and back tomorrow.
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