Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

Things learned on this trip...

  1. It's just as much fun to drive to FL as it was 10 years ago
  2. Sunflower seeds are highly overrated as a trail mix ingredient
  3. There's nothing like 500+ people in one place to give the authorities a wakeup call

Now, let me explain...
  1. The first (and last, before this weekend) time driving to Florida was roughly 10 years ago, during fall break in college, to visit a friend in Gainesville. One of the things that made it better this time around was the fact that FL and GA both have now conformed to the mileage-based exit numbering, instead of the confusing (as in, are we there yet?) sequential numbering.

  2. For long trips like this one, I'll sometimes make my own trail mix as a snack to save some cash. I'll experiment every time with ingredients for it, and this time I included sunflower seeds... big mistake. Isn't the point of mixing something up to have it mixed up? In this case, those things all settled to the bottom. I may include those next time, but not as many of them.

  3. While we were at Hanna Park for GW3, several people were ticketed for parking in the clearly marked no parking zones. That afternoon, though, the number of those signs at least doubled as the local authorities realized that, even when the only parking was done in the otherwise legal areas, there were still too many for emergency vehicles to get in and out. We're only lucky that they did the fair thing of not ticketing any of us parked where the signs were added, saying that they were going to start that today.

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