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Everyone seems to be posting their weekends in review... I guess I'm next in line. Mine didn't end up being all that I'd hoped, for various reasons, but I did get a few things done.

- Straightened up around the house a bit
- Wrapped up the latest releases for CacheMate and its file converter
- Dropped off 4 travel bugs picked up at GW3

I didn't find any new caches yesterday, as much as I'd have liked to... so I could get some work done on CacheMate, I ended up dropping off 2 at my own cache, and 2 in one that's not far from it that I've already found. I sort of feel like something that Nate Irish of Groundspeak was telling a few of us at GW3... who has time to go caching anymore, when you're so busy trying to support it?

I actually had thought to not do another release just yet, so I could get some new features that I'd come up with and others had asked for in there. There were a lot of smaller things as well, that I had already done, so I thought that I would go ahead and get those out in the open. One of those was a stability fix, available for a week but hardly anyone asked for it, so that can only be a good thing :-) Besides, it's bound to save me more of the "where's the support?" questions from those that downloaded CacheMate but not the the CMConvert update.

Now that the Florida trip is done and everything's back to normal, I'm looking forward to the next vacation. I'm taking the week of July 4th off, but I'll be around here for most of it most likely. I have to be home that Wednesday, at least, because my dad, stepmom and their kids are coming by that day... it'll be great to see them, too. I may do a weekend beach trip to finish it off, but I'm not sure at this point.

I'm still reading Ender's Game, slowly but surely in the evenings, but ran across something that was at least a little surprising. Part of the story takes place here. Well, not quite here but in this county... exactly where is several minutes NE of here (Greensboro, for those not in the area). For those that have copies of the book but aren't sure what I'm talking about, take a look at the beginning of chapter 9. That's about as far as I've gone so far, too, so please no spoilers :-)
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