Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

I have to agree with the others that I've heard from that have seen Batman Begins. Out of all of the Batman movies that have been made, it is by far the best. It was cool as well how it sort of led into the first one that was made, but I'm not saying how (I hate spoilers like that as much as the next person).

At the moment, I'm counting down until the next vacation, due in about a week and a half. Not going much of anywhere this time, but it still promises to be a good time off. For one, my dad and stepmom's family are coming through the area and stopping by on the way home from the beach, and it will be good to see them again. My stepmom hasn't seen the new house, and neither of them have seen the hybrid, so that's part of the reason for coming by. I would have joined them at the beach, but according to them the setting there would be a lot less sane than if they just came by on the way back. Not going to argue with that :-)
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