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The search for something better

I've been thinking lately about doing more with digital photography than I currently do, and have been thinking about getting a better camera to do that with. What I'm looking for is a decent (6+ megapixel SLR w/ most of the trimmings), and something that is PictBridge enabled so that I can connect it directly to the photo printer I have when the need arises (nice for Christmas photos and that sort of thing, since I don't need to get out my laptop to do the printing). I'm also trying to keep the list price under $1000 if I can help it.

I've been looking at the Canon Digital Rebel, both the original and the XT varieties, both of which have all that I've mentioned earlier. Does anyone have any recommendations for anything better, that also fits those specs? I won't be getting the camera right away, but later in the year after I've had a chance to knock some of the wind out of my CC debt.

I'll still be keeping the cheaper Fuji camera that I have, for caching trips and other times when I don't want to lug around the larger one... not to mention the fact that it's got a built-in lens cover, good for quick in-and-out of the pack when I'm in the woods.
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