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Great weekend, almost over

Everything that I wanted to do this weekend was done (well, almost), but the end result was a good one. I caught up with people on both sides of my family, as well as a couple of old friends, and ended up getting quite a bit of practice with the 20D. A little over 100 photos were shot last night, in fact, and I'm currently deciding which ones to keep.

In the meantime...

Practice shooting is one thing that is on my mind at the moment, and I've thought about following at least one example in trying to do a photo-per-day type of thing. I'm not sure how well at the moment I'll be able to commit to that, but I will be starting a series of albums called "highlights", organized the same way. All the better if it does eventually become a photo per day.

Now to get the laundry done and get some rest, because my body is tired after all of the driving :-)
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